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Parking: More Than Lines on the Pavement


Parking has developed from a simple amenity into a revenue-generating industry that demands high-performance equipment and efficient operation. It begins with access control and we offer parking gates designed with functionality and flexibility.

We also provide integrated parking systems that automate revenue control through the use of central pay stations, exit pay stations, fee computers, as well as a credit card system. Features include entry, exit, and central pay, credit card in/out, ticket in/credit card out and centralized credit card processing.

With our innovative facility management solution you'll have a fully-scalable, reverse-compatible enterprise software suite with features such as Internet connectivity, advanced reporting, integrated accounts receivable, and mobile management options. The iParc System can be expanded with software for specific applications such as event or valet parking, hotels, universities.

From parking lots to single or multiple garages to event parking operations, we have the access and revenue control equipment to keep your business running smoothly. We will work with you to determine and configure a system that suits your current and future needs.

We also provide related equipment, accessories and supplies such as parking attendant booths, bollard covers, gate access cards and tickets.

Use the links on the right for more information on these systems. Of course, if you have questions please give us a call.

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