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Proximity Radio Key Readers


Radio Key readers are available in three form factors: the RK-WM, an S-shaped mini-mullion; the RK-WS, a traditional single-gang box "wall switch" housing; and the RK-WL, a large post/wall mount housing for long range applications.

These readers use 125 kHz proximity technology, and work with Secura Key encoded cards and key tags. Radio Key readers use patented Dynascan automatic tuning to optimize the reader to its RF environment, which provides dramatically better read range than competing products with the same antenna size.

Radio Key readers have an SIA standard Wiegand output and transmit data in virtually any Wiegand format up to 40 bits, so the are compatible with most access control panels including the Secura Key SK-ACP. Radio Key models have a wire pigtail for easy field connections. All Radio Key readers are weatherproof, epoxy-potted units suitable for outdoors. All models are UL 294 Listed and FCC/CE approved devices.


  • RK-WM Proximity Reader, 125 kHz, S-Mini-Mullion, Wiegand output, black housing
  • RK-WS Proximity Reader, 125 kHz, Wall Switch, Wiegand output, beige housing
  • RK-WL Proximity Reader, 125 kHz, Long Range, Wiegand output, black housing
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Entracomp 26SA Reader


The Entracomp 26SA card access control unit is both inexpensive and fully programmable. The patented slotless Touch Card reader is protected from weather and vandalism. Simply place a card on the stainless steel touch plate and the card is read instantly and accurately. A remote open input allows the door or gate to also be controlled from a remote switch.

Because the 26SA has nonvolatile memory, reprogramming after a power loss is a thing of the past. Adding and deleting cards, as well as other programming functions, are easily accomplished from outside the housing by using programming cards. The reader operates on low voltage AC or DC and consumes less than 200 milliamps.

This reader may be used with the new Secura Key SecuRelay, which allows the lock or gate control circuit to be remotely located for added vandal-resistance. Lexan and metal surface housings and a flush-mount housing are available. The 26SA uses reliable Barium Ferrite card technology.

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Entracomp 28S-Plus Reader


The Entracomp 28SA-Plus is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, card access control unit for single or multi-door applications. To read a card, simply place the card on the stainless steel Touch Card Reader plate. Patented slotless Touch Card Reader technology protects the unit from weather and vandalism.

The unit may be programmed with a PC either locally or with the use of a modem. Basic programming functions can also be accomplished by using programming cards. Transaction information is stored by the unit and may be downloaded to a PC or printer. Up to 128 28SA-Plus units can be connected together in a single twisted pair RS-485 network using optional SK-NM485 Modules and SK-NET Software for Windows.

A remote reader (SK-029W) may be connected to the 28SA Plus to allow access control in both directions through a single passageway, including true IN/OUT anti-passback capability. Three inputs are provided which are user programmable as Door Monitor, Tamper Monitor, Remote Inactive, Remote Open, Arming Circuit, Bell, or User Defined. The limited use feature allows cards to be programmed to work for a specified number of uses, days, weeks, or days after the first use.

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